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    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. I want to become a Founding Member of the Mayo-Giese Coastal Legacy Society and am determined that a portion of my estate be directed to the Center, but my estate will have other charitable beneficiaries also. Can you help me sort this out?

      Yes. Please use the assistance tab to contact us and we will be happy to confer with you, confidentially and with no obligation whatsoever.

      It is often useful simply to discuss options; e.g., after conversations, one member of the Mayo-Giese Society realized she could deploy her sizeable residuary estate (what would be left over after making various specific bequests) by directing a large percentage to the Provincetown Center along with smaller percentages to other charitable beneficiaries. Although the donor cannot know what the size of her residuary estate will be, she will know that the Provincetown Center will be well-provided for.

    2. When I have made provisions naming the Provincetown Center in my estate plans, is it necessary to provide a copy of my will [or my beneficiary designation form, or my trust document, or other evidence of my intention] for membership in the Mayo-Giese Coastal Legacy Society?

      For membership in the Mayo-Giese Coastal Legacy Society, we request only your personal commitment that you have named the Provincetown Center in your estate plans.

    3. Is the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies interested in receiving non-cash assets, such as a vacation home, collectibles, or non-publically traded stock?

      Yes, please contact us.


    PCCS respects the privacy of its donors and has established a Donor Privacy Policy to protect your rights, which reads as follows: PCCS collects and uses personal information such as: name, address, phone number, and email address when a donor voluntarily provides it to us. In addition, PCCS keeps a record of each donor's giving history. This information is kept on file for IRS purposes and is also used by the Development Department to analyze overall giving patterns in order to make more accurate budget projections. PCCS never shares or sells its donor information to other individuals or organizations outside of PCCS. Donors at specific levels of giving are recognized by name only in our newsletter and annual report, unless they have previously indicated that they wish to remain anonymous.

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