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    Here at PCCS we are committed to keeping all those interested in our important work fully informed with the latest up-to-date information. As our web site continually grows in size with this material we are constantly striving to improve the site's navigation and ease of use. To this end we have implemented a new cascading menu system. This menu system also serves as a virtual site map. In essence every page on the site now contains a complete mapping of the site.

    To use the new menu system, simply place your cursor over the main heading of your choice. Follow the menu down to the area you are interested in and click the button. Buttons that have a blue right arrow will cascade allowing you to choose any page in that particular section. One of the nicer features of this system is that it allows the user to access any page on the site from all pages on the site without having to backtrack to a section's "main page". In addition the new menu also keeps track of your place in the web site by highlighting the buttons of the path you have taken to any particular page. Please see the graphic below for an example.