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    Gulf of Maine humpback whale satellite tagging: 2013

    In 2013, we are continuing a study of the effects of satellite tagging on humpback whales (learn more). Tracks of the whales tagged in this study are shown below for educational purposes. Each map is based on a different type of tag and the name of the tagged whale is shown in upper left of each map.

    Maps are updated daily, but positions are reported on a lagged basis and not all fixes are mapped. Please observe our terms of use.





    These data belong to the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies (PCCS), the National Marine Mammal Laboratory (NMML), the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), the Marine Mammal Center (MMC), the Alaska Sea Life Center (ASLC) and University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). The presentation of data here does not constitute publication. All data remain copyright of the project partners. Maps or data on this website may not be used or referenced without the explicit written consent of the data owners. Data archiving and visualization courtesy of




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