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    Seal Studies


    In the past thirty years, gray seal populations have increased and expanded their range along the US East Coast. This has led to a greater number of seals at local haul outs on Cape Cod and increased interactions with humans. PCCS studies haul-out sites of gray and harbor seals at Jeremy Point, Chatham Harbor and Monomoy Island to provide basic information about local populations and their interactions with fisheries.

     NMFS Permit No. 775-1600-10

    Our work includes the development of a photo-identification catalog and database of individual gray seals from Cape Cod. These data are being used to understand seasonal fidelity to local haul outs as well as long distance movements throughout the year.

    Through data-sharing with collaborators in Canada, movements between Cape Cod and Sable Island have already been documented. PCCS also established a dialogue with local fishermen (both commercial and recreational) in an effort to understand operational and ecological interactions.

    NOTE: Please be a responsible seal watcher. Remain 50 yards away from seals at all times. Seals are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

    To report violations of the MMPA or seal harassment, contact NMFS Enforcement 1-800-853-1964


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