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    Staff Directory

    Hiebert Marine Lab

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    115 Bradford Street
    Provincetown, MA 02657
    Main telephone: (508) 487-3622
    Fax: (508) 487-4495

    President and CEO
    Richard Delaney

    Cathrine Macort, Executive Assistant
    P: 508-487-3622 x 103

    Mary Moore, Donor Relations Coordinator
    P: 508-487-3622 x 105

    Stephanie Richardson, HR Manager
    P: 508-487-3622 x 113

    John Shea, Controller
    P: 508-487-3622 x 110

    Jan Young, Development Officer
    P: 508-487-3622 x 104

    Kathy Shorr, Development Specialist
    P: 508-487-3622 x 108

    Connie Tavanis, Volunteer Development AssistantMargaret Hotz, Volunteer Donor Relations Assistant

    Hiebert Marine Lab
    5 Holway Avenue
    Provincetown, MA 02657
    (508) 487-3623

    Communications and Public Relations

    P: 508-487-3622 x 103

    Cathrine Macort, Executive Assistant

    Marine Education

    P:  508-487-3623 x103

    Jesse Mechling, Director

    Marine Policy Program

    P: 508-487-3623 x121

    Pat Hughes, Marine Policy Director
    Laura Ludwig, Program Coordinator

    Cape Cod Bay Monitoring Program

    P: 508-487-3623 x122

    Amy Costa, Ph.D., Director
    Elizabeth Larson, Research Assistant
    Jennifer Burkhardt, Research Assistant

    Humpback Whale Research

    P: 508-487-3623 x116
    Jooke Robbins, Ph.D., Director

    Jenn Tackaberry, Research Assistant

    Carole Carlson, Ph.D., Adjunct scientist

    Mason Weinrich, Adjunct scientist

    Land & Sea Interaction Program

    P: 508-487-3623 x123
    Graham Giese, Ph.D., Directo, Coastal Geology
    Mark Borrelli, Ph.D., Director, Marine Geology

    Jennifer Wilson, Hydrographer



    Marine Fisheries Research

    Owen Nichols, Director

    Marine Operations

    P: 508-487-3623
    Marc Costa, Manager

    Right Whale Habitat Studies

    P: 508-487-3623 x110
    Charles Mayo, Ph.D., Director

    Christy Hudak, Associate Scientist

    Right Whale Population Program

    P: 508-487-3623 x113

    Laura Ganley, Flight Coordinator

    Leah Crowe, Research Assistant

    Corey Accardo, Observer

    Heather Nicotri, Observer

    Brigid McKenna, Intern

    Whale Rescue

    P: 508-487-3623 x102
    Scott Landry, Director
    Doug Sandilands, Rescue Associate

    Lisa Sette, Rescue Assistant
    Mackie Greene, Canadian Rescue Coordinator

    Adjunct Scientists

    Carole Carlson, Ph.D., Adjunct scientist

    Mason Weinrich, Adjunct scientist


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